New project development

Rioja Estates’ key strength lies in the wide range of disciplines that we offer and the partnerships that we have forged with other leading specialists in the field of commercial property. This means that we are adept at servicing the needs of both large and small companies. Our experience across a wide range of developments ensures that we are well briefed on the numerous, but very specific, business models relevant to our clients and puts us in an excellent position when it comes to meeting their individual requirements.

Rioja Estates has played a key role in the development of retail parks and retail projects both at home and abroad. Our expertise in identifying sites is matched only by our knowledge of the key drivers that will determine whether a site has potential for development and, if so, of what type.


Rioja Estates’ extensive experience of the site identification and assessment process has enabled us to acquire units across the UK for a number of blue chip companies including: Waitrose, B&Q, Tesco, IKEA and J. Sainsbury. Each city/town assessment takes into consideration the following criteria:

  • Existing city/town demographics and history
  • Existing city/town centre and out of town retail offerings
  • Potential sites
  • Planning policy and background
  • Highways and infrastructure
  • Site assessment financial viability
  • Site selection process
  • Negotiation of suitable purchase contracts, funding and financing
  • Development of construction processes

Our expertise has also enabled us to acquire outlet centre development sites, as well as existing outlet centres, for discerning funds looking to invest in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Asset management

Rioja Estates has unrivalled experience within the retail market, particularly in relation to out of town food and non-food developments and outlet centres. We evaluate the existing assets of specific funds and, on their behalf, implement plans that add significant value either by redefining retailer lettings, making physical improvements to a scheme, or through redevelopment/refurbishment. Among the companies to have benefitted from our experience are: Inter-IKEA, Aviva, Anglo Irish Bank, Prudential, Pradera, Brockton Capital, Tristan Capital Partners, Europa Capital and Targetfollow.


Rioja Estates’ success is built on a rare ability to bring together the right people, with the right expertise, whilst remaining sympathetic to the needs of all stakeholders. By working closely with tried and trusted partners we provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that resolve a range of complex issues such as spreading financial risk and managing both debt and equity security.

Joint ventures

At Rioja Estates we actively seek out Joint Venture arrangements. For a Joint Venture to be successful it is vital that we keep all stakeholders fully informed throughout the duration of the planning and development process and our extensive coordination and management expertise provides this. But it is equally important that we work closely with national, regional and local agencies as this enables us to bring a project to planning and final delivery with the minimum resistance and without incurring any additional expense.

Worldwide operations

Rioja Estates has completed a wide variety of projects from large commercial retail warehouse developments in the UK to a fully integrated factory outlet development in Budapest, Hungary. We are continually developing partnerships and links in new geographical areas with an exciting list of projects in the pipeline for the UK, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Ukraine. Most recently we have extended our activity into Brazil, China, Australia and Saudi Arabia.


Rioja Estates works closely with occupiers and funds to divest them of existing assets through site disposals and redevelopment/refinancing of existing projects. Our experience of dealing with a wide range of development types means that we can accurately assess the value of any potential disposal and thereby ensure that we are able to secure the best possible deal for the business or fund for whom we are acting.


Rioja Estates has many years of experience working with retailers and brands. Whilst we specialise in leasing to brands within outlet centres, we also have a wealth of experience reviewing and renewing high street leases for shops, restaurants and healthcare facilities.